Cleaning, disinfecting and maintenance services made easy for property managers in Boston.

We service the Boston metropolitan area

iRestify is an innovative cleaning and maintenance company that boosts operational efficiencies through a cutting-edge, proprietary technology platform.

Let’s say you’re a property manager of a company that oversees multifamily buildings, office complexes, and shopping centers with a minimum annual revenue of $5 million in Boston. In that case, we’d love to be your exclusive cleaning and maintenance service provider.

From Allston to Back Bay, Charleston to Dorchester, we’ve got you covered. Many of the most successful property management firms in North America rely on our services to keep the buildings they manage professionally maintained and in tip-top shape.

We’re looking forward to using our keen industry knowledge and world-class expertise to help property managers like you boost tenant satisfaction, improve cost-effectiveness, and eliminate the mind-numbing stress that results when cleaning and maintenance processes are more complex than they need to be.

Full-service cleaning and maintenance services designed with the needs of property managers in mind

Being a full-time property manager can see you managing a myriad of priorities daily – not to mention the seemingly endless tenant emergencies that seem to pop up at the most inopportune moments.

I don’t know anyone who likes jumping out of bed at three in the morning to take a phone call from an irate tenant with a clogged toilet that’s gushing everywhere. Or trying to find an HVAC technician when a building’s central air suddenly quits on the hottest July day on record.

proof of service delivery

Wouldn’t you love it if someone could take some of these duties off your plate?

That’s where we come in. While we can’t help you with everything you need to do as a busy property manager, we can take care of all your maintenance and cleaning needs. We’ll ensure that the buildings under your control are kept sparkling clean, facilities are disinfected according to strict CDC guidelines, and repairs get done promptly.

Office cleaning

office cleaning

Companies in Boston know that having clean and well-maintained office facilities is one of the best ways to project a robustly professional image. It’s also crucial when trying to attract new clients.

Many would-be customers see well-maintained office facilities as a sign that the company they’re thinking about doing business with upholds exemplary professional standards and is committed to providing an exceptional customer experience.

At iRestify, we provide the routine maintenance and cleaning you need to ensure safe working conditions, wow potential clients, and ensure business operations run efficiently. From water jetting in order to remove a clog to regularly cleaning the coils in HVAC units, we provide routine maintenance that helps prevent costly equipment failures.

If you want to keep your professional tenants happy and satisfied, consider outsourcing all your cleaning and maintenance needs to us. That way, the properties you oversee will always look clean and well maintained without stressing you out.

Industrial space cleaning

If you have a busy industrial facility as a tenant, they’ll likely want cleaners specially trained to meet the unique needs of these bustling, high-traffic environments. That’s because employees’ and customers’ safety can be at risk if these areas aren’t cleaned according to strict professional standards.

Debris, dirt, and gunk can accumulate quickly in factories and manufacturing plants. That’s why it’s essential to have these spaces regularly cleaned by crews that know what they’re doing. That way, you boost workplace safety while preventing damage to expensive machinery.

iRestify has considerable experience providing maintenance and cleaning services for industrial facilities of all kinds.

General commercial cleaning

The businesses you rent space to know how important it is to make an excellent first impression. The best way to help your commercial clients do that is by outsourcing all your maintenance and cleaning needs to a company like us. We have the experience, expertise, and knowledge to treat the facilities you manage with the high standards of excellence your tenants demand.

Some companies take on so many clients that they rush through the process. This can leave toxic particulate matter and unhealthy allergens to waft through the air, which isn’t the healthiest of environments.

If you want to avoid this problem, hire iRestify. Our skilled cleaning professionals will keep the facilities you oversee immaculate and spotless, ensuring the satisfaction of clients, customers, and team members.

Specialty services

building grounds maintenance

In the age of COVID-19, companies that do commercial cleaning face tough challenges. If you manage an industrial facility, multi-family residential building, or office complex in Boston, you’ll want to partner with a company that’s agile enough to adapt to the always-changing protocols issued by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

At iRestify, we’ve been honing our sanitation services to a razor-sharp point and are ready to serve your needs. We offer a full suite of specialty services such as a health and safety screener to take team members’ and visitors’ temperatures, day porters to provide hand sanitizer and replenish disinfecting stations, and crews well-versed in public health hygiene.

Hiring us as the exclusive provider of cleaning and maintenance services for the buildings you manage can take a load off your mind.

Switch out your traditional cleaning company for an all-in-one solution

complete building maintenance

Our easy-to-use platform and intuitive app give you complete control over your cleaning and maintenance operations. Our proprietary software was designed with the needs of property managers like you in mind. Unfortunately, other companies saw what we were doing and tried to copy us by repurposing existing software.

However, this approach won’t deliver the superior results you need to make your property management company stand out. Our leading-edge, all-in-one, technology-driven solution to your property management problems gives you everything you need to make your cleaning and maintenance operations more efficient and less stressful.

We’re proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish for so many successful property management companies across North America and can’t wait to deliver the same exceptional results to you!

Cleaning teams and analytics

building maintenance notifications

Have you ever tried to track down a cleaning crew because you needed to communicate information critical to the success of your business? If so, you probably know how irritating it can be. At iRestify, you won’t have that problem because we built instant message functionality right in our platform and app.

This means there won’t be any annoying delays when you need to have an immediate conversation with the individuals who clean your buildings. However, instant messaging isn’t the only thing we put into our software. You’ll also receive a steady stream of real-time, actionable analytics that’ll help ensure your complete and total satisfaction with your cleaning and maintenance operations.

The data you’ll be able to access through our platform includes remote quality checks, crew check-in and check-out times, interactive checklists, image sharing, and more.

Digital workflow through the iRestify platform

irestify building maintenance platform

iRestify allows you to digitally manage your workflow directly through our all-purpose app. This includes receiving updates on cleaning and maintenance progress around the clock, allowing you to avoid time-consuming paper records altogether.

So, throw out that clipboard, and get ready to deploy our all-in-one 21st-century solution. We promise it’ll help you keep your buildings cleaner and better maintained than they’ve ever been.

Dedicated experts at your fingertips

irestify maintenance service experts

Our consummately professional cleaning crews have been rigorously vetted through a process that includes extensive background checks. Before hiring a cleaning crew team member, we ensure they are thoroughly competent and professional, with a high degree of personal integrity. This includes having the necessary skills to carry out the expert cleaning that’ll keep your commercial tenants happy and satisfied.

Automate your property operations in Boston today

The mission of iRestify is to remove costly inefficiencies and antiquated methods. This boosts tenant satisfaction and beefs up your bottom line.

Call us today if you’re sick and tired of using companies stuck in the technological dark ages. We’ll give your old-fashioned cleaning and maintenance operations a bold makeover, injecting new life into your property management company.