Our professional service experts keep your buildings pristine

We have a network of property cleaning experts with diverse skill sets. All our experts undergo a thorough vetting process, ensuring they have the experience and expertise to provide high-quality services to your buildings.

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Our service experts


Our service teams are not just professionals, but experts in what they do. They are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our clients.

Fully Vetted

Our service experts undergo a thorough screening process that includes verifying their credentials, experience, and references before they are selected and deployed onsite.

Digitally Compliant

All our service experts follow our digital workflow and provide real-time updates on services, directly on the iRestify app.

Our service experts are guided by our technology, and work closely with our QA teams to ensure your properties always look their best.

Expert building cleaning teams

Your needs, our expertise

We understand that when you entrust us with your cleaning needs, you are not just choosing any provider – you are investing in quality services. At iRestify, we match our experts’ skill sets to align perfectly with your needs.

Digital workflow driven services

Our service experts perform all cleaning tasks in compliance with our digital workflow, ensuring consistency, scalability, and real-time tracking of cleaning operations across all your properties on the iRestify app.

irestify maintenance expert

Expert quality assurance supervisors

Ensure consistency and scalability

iRestify’s QA supervisors work alongside our cleaning experts onsite to ensure that all work is performed efficiently, effectively, and in compliance with your SOW. With iRestify, you can expect a consistently high standard of service delivered across all properties in your portfolio.

Digital workflow driven QA

Our QA supervisors collect qualitative data onsite by monitoring and scoring the performance of services. Our quality scoring process is tracked and measured on the iRestify app and acts as a positive feedback loop to allow continuous improvement of our services.

irestify maintenance expert

Gain workforce flexibility

Mitigate downtime and risk

Staff turnover is a challenge for many businesses. Service uncertainties and inconsistencies can also occur while new hires adjust to their roles. With iRestify, all these responsibilities are taken care of for you – with our highly qualified experts, you can mitigate risk and ensure service consistency across all your properties.

We’ve always got you covered

At iRestify, we understand that every property is unique and has its own set of requirements, so we will always provide the appropriate level of service, ensuring a high-quality experience from start to finish. You can rest assured that we have you covered no matter what your needs may be.

irestify maintenance expert

Save time on cleaning staff management

Let us do the hard work for you

We understand that finding and retaining skilled janitorial staff can be a challenge. With iRestify, you get access to reliable and skilled cleaning experts for all your property cleaning needs, so you no longer have to invest time and money in recruiting, training, and retaining staff.

We monitor maintenance operations live

We support the monitoring of building cleaning services for all your properties, allowing you more time to focus on higher priority tasks.

irestify maintenance expert

Discover what iRestify can do for you

Let us show you how easy and beneficial it is to modernize your building cleaning operations. We make managing operations easy and stress-free, so you have more time to focus on your residents and tenants.


What our clients say

"With iRestify, we receive high-quality maintenance and janitorial services which has drastically improved our building maintenance processes. With the technology and team of expert service professionals that iRestify provides, we have successfully increased tenant satisfaction and elevated the quality of our portfolio."

Stefan Soumalias

Summit Properties

"iRestify's impressive technology solution and service has truly changed the landscape of building maintenance and janitorial services. With iRestify, we are preparing ourselves for the future of property maintenance."

Maurice Abel

Regional Manager, Minto Apartment REIT

“Our property managers can instantly access, manage and schedule daily services online from their cell phones across all of our properties. iRestify has really made a very positive impact in our operations.”

Caroline Pharant

Regional Community Manager, Greenrock Resident Services

"The live updates from the iRestify App allow us to communicate and coordinate with our employees, as well as the iRestify cleaning teams. It gives our employees and visitors peace of mind"

Mark Fernandes

Director of Facilities, Teleperformance

“iRestify’s services help us achieve the highest standard of cleanliness, which contributes very significantly to comfort measures for both our patients and their families. We are very grateful for their support!”

Dan Dempster

Director of Operations, Emily's House

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