An all-in-one solution for commercial property cleaning and maintenance in Chicago

We service the Chicago metropolitan area

iRestify delivers industry-leading cleaning and maintenance services to multifamily and office buildings in the Chicago area. We’ve got you covered from Albany Park to Southshore, West Ridge to Pilsen – if you’re a property manager or building owner looking for an all-in-one maintenance and cleaning solution, look no further.

We’ve helped many of the most successful property management companies in North America keep the facilities they oversee sanitized and in good repair. We’re excited to bring this world-class expertise and keen industry know-how to you!

Full-service cleaning and maintenance services designed with property and maintenance managers in mind

Being a full-time property maintenance manager can be nerve-wracking to the nth degree, with all you need to get done on a typical day.

One solution is outsourcing cleaning and maintenance to a company with a proven track record of ensuring that office buildings are always kept sparkling clean, repairs get done promptly, and disease-causing pathogens are eradicated from facilities.

At iRestify, we’re consummate pros when it comes to the cleaning and maintaining of multifamily buildings and office complexes. Allowing us to do this relieves you of a tremendous mental burden.

However, we not only make sure your facilities are impeccably cleaned and repaired — but we also provide you with a cutting-edge platform that makes it easy to schedule and oversee cleaning and maintenance services. This proprietary software was specifically designed with property maintenance managers like you in mind.

proof of service delivery

Some companies that bear a superficial resemblance to ours try to accomplish similar results by repurposing off-the-shelf scheduling software. However, their efforts tend to be mediocre at best. That’s because merely giving an already-existing computer program a cosmetic upgrade won’t produce the superior results you need to make your property management company truly stand out.

On the other hand, our innovative, all-in-one technology-driven solution provides you with everything you need to make your business processes more efficient, more profitable, and less stressful. We’re proud of how our professional expertise has propelled so many property management companies towards greater customer satisfaction and cost-effectiveness.

Office cleaning

office cleaning

Companies are keenly aware that customers see a squeaky-clean office as a sign of consummate professionalism and a passionate dedication to customer satisfaction. That’s why Chicago businesses located from Canaryville to Humboldt Park – and everywhere in between – are desperate for a reliable solution to this age-old problem.

iRestify is the answer they’ve been looking for. When you contract with us, we’ll regularly dispatch one of our cleaning teams to thoroughly clean every inch of the office spaces you’re responsible for.

We have the superior cleaning and maintenance know-how to keep your office complexes sparkling clean and blessedly free from dirt, dust, and allergens. Best of all, it only takes minutes to schedule a customizable office cleaning service through our easy-to-use, highly intuitive app.

Industrial spaces cleaning

Dirt and debris in bustling, heavily-used industrial buildings can accumulate quickly, posing a safety hazard unless they’re meticulously cleaned to exacting specifications. Because industrial facilities cleaning and maintenance is often more demanding than other types of environments, you should only hire a company able to adhere to the high standards needed to do this kind of work.

IRestify has a proven track record of successfully maintaining and cleaning industrial facilities of all kinds, including warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants.

General commercial cleaning

These days, businesses know how crucial it is to give potential customers a fantastic first impression. That’s why property maintenance managers need to outsource their cleaning and maintenance to a company that’s so good at what they do that clients walking in the door for the first time will have only one thing to say: “WOW!”

Many cleaning companies only do quick surface cleaning. This leaves nasty allergens and disease-causing pathogens lurking in the layers of dirt they choose to ignore. This could cause the indoor air to be contaminated with harmful particulate matter, making for an unhealthy working environment and legal trouble down the road.

At iRestify, we’ll make sure that your business is cleaned to our high standards of excellence. Our regular deep cleaning ensures that the facilities you manage remain as spotless, immaculate, and as healthy as can be, guaranteeing the satisfaction of customers and employees alike.

Specialty services

building grounds maintenance

The pandemic has forced cleaning companies to up their game. These days, industrial facilities, multi-family residential buildings, and office complexes in the Chicago area require the services of a company that’s nimble enough to adapt to the ever-changing cleaning protocols issued by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

IRestify is up for the challenge. Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive suite of specialty services such as daily health and safety screeners to take employees’ and visitors’ temperatures and day porters to provide hand sanitizer and replenish disinfecting stations.

By hiring us as the exclusive cleaning services provider for the facilities, apartments, and office complexes you manage, you’ll help ensure the health and safety of those who spend countless hours in these buildings.

Switch out your traditional cleaning company for an all-in-one solution

complete building maintenance

When you hire us for the facilities you manage, you’ll get an all-in-one solution that seamlessly fuses cleaning, maintenance, and cutting-edge technology into one glorious, unified whole. We’re the only company in the Chicago area that can do that.

Our proprietary platform is turning heads in the industry because of its effectiveness in removing costly and time-consuming inefficiencies from what was previously a cumbersome and woefully outdated process.

We provide you with powerful technological tools that will enable you to monitor your facilities’ cleaning and maintenance operations, and you can easily keep track – 24/7 – from your own phone, tablet, or computer.

However, all this technological firepower wouldn’t be of much use if the quality of our maintenance and cleaning services left a lot to be desired. Fortunately, that’s not the case. Our mission is to delight our clients by providing them with an exceptional client experience, which is why we have one of the highest customer satisfaction levels in the entire industry.

Cleaning teams and analytics

building maintenance notifications

With iRestify, you can cut out those annoying delays when you try to communicate with your cleaning team. We built instant messaging functioning right into our app, ensuring you’re in constant contact with the people who are cleaning the facilities and buildings you oversee.

But that’s not the only way the app gives you greater control over your cleaning and maintenance operations. You’ll receive real-time information such as remote quality checks, cleaning crew check-in and check-out times, interactive checklists, and image sharing when you partner with us.

All of this means that you’re no longer stuck in the dark ages when you use our services.

Digital workflow through the iRestify platform

irestify building maintenance platform

With iRestify, you can digitally manage your workflow through our app. This includes the ability to receive around-the-clock cleaning progress updates, so you can more efficiently gauge what remains to be done.

This is a vastly better way to oversee cleaning and maintenance than using antiquated paper processes.

Dedicated experts at your fingertips

irestify maintenance service experts

Our expert cleaning crews have been heavily vetted through rigorous, comprehensive background checks. We also ensure they have the skills and keen professional competencies to carry out the kind of high-quality cleaning that’ll keep the clients of your property management company happy and satisfied.

Automate your property operations in Chicago today

The cleaning and maintenance industry is in desperate need of an update.

That’s the mission of iRestify. Our digital platform makes costly inefficiencies and antiquated processes a thing of the past, which helps boost tenant satisfaction and improve the bottom line.

Contact us today if you’re ready for a more up-to-date solution to your cleaning and maintenance problems!