Cleaning, disinfecting and maintenance services made easy for property managers in Kitchener.

Enterprise level cleaning & facilities management platform.

Through the iRestify platform property managers have access to a professional cleaning and maintenance team that is fully vetted and complies with our high quality standards.

A dedicated team of cleaning experts at your fingertips.

Through the iRestify platform property managers have access to a professional cleaning and maintenance team that is fully vetted and complies with our high quality standards.   

Our Services are here for you Kitchener

We service buildings in the multi-family, industrial and commercial-office space.
We manage over 38 million square feet of maintenance services for some of North America’s Top Property Management companies.

Our all-in-one business solution is a better alternative to a traditional cleaning company. 

Our platform is designed to help property managers get proof of service delivery, improve quality and ensure tenant satisfaction. 

Our all-in-one business solution is a better alternative to a traditional cleaning company. 

Our platform is designed to help property managers get proof of service delivery, improve quality and ensure tenant satisfaction.

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Proof of service delivery and quality control

With some other companies, you’ll never see a “proof of service” delivery report. That’s because it gets forgotten, misplaced, buried under mountains of paperwork, or simply isn’t made a priority. However, with iRestify, you get immediate confirmation that the work was done.

Another problem with some traditional cleaning and maintenance companies is they don't perform inspections to ensure that work meets the rigorous standards of the property manager. That's because they expect the property managers themselves to do the checks. 

However, we firmly believe this should be the cleaning company's responsibility. Most property managers already have a full plate, and only a limited amount of time they can devote to verifying cleaning and maintenance gets completed.

When a cleaning crew finishes, one of our quality assurance teams will check what they've done, putting a "proof of service" report right on the platform, so you know your cleaning job was completed according to your high expectations. 

We service the Kitchener metropolitan area

If you’re a property owner or manager of multi-residential or office buildings in Kitchener, iRestify makes it exceedingly easy to get all your cleaning and maintenance needs taken care of with a single phone call. Whether the premises you manage are in Meinzinger or Highland West, King East or Lower Doon, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve helped reduce the workloads of overworked building supervisors in some of the top property management firms in North America. When you partner with us, you’ll get the highest-quality, most trusted, and technologically innovative solutions for all your maintenance and cleaning needs. 

Full-service cleaning and maintenance services designed with the needs of property managers in mind 

Being the go-to person for thousands of square feet of rental space can be daunting if you’re a property manager in Kitchener. You need to screen prospective tenants by running background checks, doing credit checks, and verifying income. You put up with the headache-inducing hassles of evicting tenants who don’t pay their rent and keep meticulous financial records. 

These duties barely scratch the surface of what you must do in a typical day, leaving you with precious little time to make sure cleaning and maintenance get done. Wouldn’t it be terrific if there was a reputable and consummately professional company to take all this off your hands? 

At iRestify, we take over every aspect of your cleaning and maintenance operations, so you don’t have to. 

Office cleaning

Your tenants undoubtedly want to project a professional image that gets prospective customers to sit up and take notice. That’s why you need a highly trained crew you can count on to impeccably clean and maintain the office spaces you oversee. Preferably, you want this done without you having to get on the phone every two seconds to find out why your cleaning crew can’t get it together. 

When you outsource your cleaning and maintenance to iRestify, we’ll deploy our dependable expert cleaners to thoroughly clean every inch of your tenants’ office spaces. We’ll get it done, whether it’s floor scrubbing and waxing, power washing, window washing, or restroom cleaning.

It only takes a few minutes to schedule a cleaning service through our easy-to-use, highly intuitive app. With iRestify, you can rest assured the office complexes you manage will always be sparkling clean, wowing employees and visitors alike. 

Retail property cleaning 

High-traffic spaces require regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them ready for public use – and retail and mixed-use properties are no exception.  

Because dirt accumulates quickly in retail environments, it’s crucial to keep on top of cleaning processes to ensure a hygienic and appealing environment for staff and customers alike. 

We provide cleaning and maintenance for retail spaces such as department stores, malls, and supermarkets. However, we won’t only keep your tenants’ retail spaces sparkling clean like never before — we’ll also disinfect them. On a typical day, hundreds of visitors walk through retail establishments carrying a dizzying array of disease-causing pathogens. 

With regular or deep cleaning from iRestify, we’ll ensure your store, shopping mall, or retail venue maintains the high level of cleanliness your customers expect. 

General commercial cleaning 

Whatever kind of commercial space you manage, iRestify has the first-rate crews and keen expertise to meet every one of your tenants’ cleaning and maintenance needs. 

We’re equipped with all the latest commercial cleaning and maintenance gear, ensuring you the highest levels of service — even if you have needs that no other property manager or building owner on the planet has. 

Instead of offering tepid cookie-cutter solutions, we take a close look at your unique situation. Then, we’ll formulate a robust action plan perfectly customized to your needs. No matter how specialized the facilities you oversee are, we’ll develop a comprehensive strategy to ensure it all gets consistently cleaned. 

We can even take care of urgent, last-minute requests 24/7! 

Specialty services

At iRestify, we can offer specialty services uniquely tailored to your tenants’ needs. Do they need a superintendent, concierge, or day porter? If so, we can provide one for them. Do your clients require a one-time deep cleaning to prepare for a property inspection? We can take care of that too. 

Our client care team can find a customized solution to whatever property management problem you or your tenants have. Since we’ll already be on-site, we can bundle our specialty services with existing services to make everything cost-effective and convenient. 

Switch out your traditional cleaning company for an all-in-one solution

Why go with a company that only takes care of your facilities’ cleaning needs when you can hire one that also ensures that routine maintenance gets done? At iRestify, one of our greatest strengths is that we offer an all-in-one solution.

Our comprehensive suite of services ensures that your leaky pipes, overflowing toilets, faulty heating equipment, and everything else gets repaired quickly and professionally. We’ll also get everything sparkling clean and immaculately scrubbed in your tenants’ buildings.

However, we don’t stop there — we’ve seamlessly integrated our services with cutting-edge technology for ultimate convenience. No other company in the Kitchener area does that! 

Cleaning teams and analytics

Cleaning and maintenance for multi-residential properties and office complexes used to be a cumbersome and headache-inducing process, riddled with all kinds of operational inefficiencies. Compounding the problem are the difficulties that pop up when outdated modes of communication are used to relay mission-critical information to cleaning and maintenance teams. 

However, iRestify has changed all that. We built instant messaging functionality right into our platform, allowing you to instantaneously communicate with your cleaners. That way, there’s no time lag when you need to convey information crucial to the successful operation of your property management company.

Our state-of-the-art platform allows you to remotely view real-time information about the team’s progress, including when they’ll complete their work. You’ll get instant access to data analytics reports, breaking down the details of services like quality scores and check-in and check-out times of maintenance and cleaning crews.

Digital workflow through the iRestify platform  

Our technological superiority over other cleaning and maintenance companies comes from our passionate desire to build the best platform on the planet for property managers to simplify cleaning and maintenance operations. 

Many of our competitors are Johnnies-come lately to the technology game, hoping to eradicate aggravating operational efficiencies for their customers by repurposing off-the-shelf scheduling software. However, this approach is woefully inadequate when solving the logistical complexities involved in managing multi-residential properties.

At iRestify, we don’t make this mistake. When we built our innovative platform, we started with the needs of property managers just like you in mind. This allowed us to reverse engineer a proprietary process unlike anything the industry has ever seen. 

We provide the advanced technology that boldly brings your property management company into the 21st century. However, we also offer superior building maintenance and cleaning services that’ll ensure long-term client satisfaction.

Our technology-driven solution is a better alternative to behind-the-times cleaning companies who expect you to rely on printed checklists and clipboards to ensure cleaning and maintenance get done. This gives you unprecedented control over your cleaning and maintenance operations, helping to eliminate logistical headaches while saving money.

We provide you with the ability to digitally monitor cleaning and maintenance workflow right through the iRestify platform. For example, allowing you to receive real-time 24/7 updates to quickly and easily gauge job progress.

Dedicated experts at your fingertips

When you hire us as your cleaning and maintenance experts, you get a team of consummate professionals ready to clean every square inch of your apartments and offices meticulously and keep everything in perfect working order.

Our cleaning teams are thoroughly vetted and guaranteed to have a high level of expertise. Our booking system is exceedingly streamlined and ultra-easy to manage right through the platform. This ensures you get all your cleaning and maintenance needs met. 

Automate your property operations in Kitchener today

More than ever, there’s a tremendous need to digitally transform the glaring inefficiencies and time-consuming processes that are all too commonplace in the cleaning and maintenance industry. 

At iRestify, we dramatically improve accountability, efficiency, and quality through our industry-disrupting processes and leading-edge technology. This results in higher levels of tenant satisfaction and greater profitability.

Call us today if you want to bring your property maintenance company into the 21st century!