Cleaning, disinfecting and maintenance services made easy for property managers in Ottawa.

Enterprise level cleaning & facilities management platform.

Through the iRestify platform property managers have access to a professional cleaning and maintenance team that is fully vetted and complies with our high quality standards.

A dedicated team of cleaning experts at your fingertips.

Through the iRestify platform property managers have access to a professional cleaning and maintenance team that is fully vetted and complies with our high quality standards.   

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We service buildings in the multi-family, industrial and commercial-office space.
We manage over 38 million square feet of maintenance services for some of North America’s Top Property Management companies.

Our all-in-one business solution is a better alternative to a traditional cleaning company. 

Our platform is designed to help property managers get proof of service delivery, improve quality and ensure tenant satisfaction. 

Our all-in-one business solution is a better alternative to a traditional cleaning company. 

Our platform is designed to help property managers get proof of service delivery, improve quality and ensure tenant satisfaction.

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Proof of service delivery and quality control

With some other companies, you’ll never see a “proof of service” delivery report. That’s because it gets forgotten, misplaced, buried under mountains of paperwork, or simply isn’t made a priority. However, with iRestify, you get immediate confirmation that the work was done.

Another problem with some traditional cleaning and maintenance companies is they don't perform inspections to ensure that work meets the rigorous standards of the property manager. That's because they expect the property managers themselves to do the checks. 

However, we firmly believe this should be the cleaning company's responsibility. Most property managers already have a full plate, and only a limited amount of time they can devote to verifying cleaning and maintenance gets completed.

When a cleaning crew finishes, one of our quality assurance teams will check what they've done, putting a "proof of service" report right on the platform, so you know your cleaning job was completed according to your high expectations. 

We service the Ottawa metropolitan area 

If you’re a property manager overseeing multi-residential buildings, office complexes, or shopping centers with a minimum annual revenue of $5 million in Ottawa, we’d love to be your exclusive cleaning and maintenance service provider. 

iRestify is a groundbreaking cleaning and maintenance company boosting operational efficiencies through our proprietary technology platform. Many of the most successful property management companies in North America depend on our services to keep the buildings they manage professionally maintained and in tip-top shape. 

Whether you’re in Barrhaven or Nepean, Orleans or Kanata, we’ll use our keen industry knowledge and world-class expertise to eliminate the mind-numbing stress that happens when cleaning and maintenance processes are more complex than they need to be.  

Unlike many of our competitors, we’re not merely a “cleaning company” — we’re a building maintenance and facility management business, too. Our comprehensive suite of services means we can do the heavy lifting for you, resulting in greater tenant satisfaction and improved cost-effectiveness. 

Full-service cleaning and maintenance services designed with the needs of property managers in mind 

Being a full-time property manager is often a thankless, endlessly exhausting job. One way to make it easier is to outsource your cleaning and maintenance responsibilities to iRestify.

We can’t help you with everything you need to do as a busy property manager. However, we can take care of all your maintenance and cleaning needs. This means we’ll thoroughly clean all the buildings you oversee, disinfect and sanitize them according to the latest government guidelines, and promptly carry out repairs. 

Office cleaning 

Successful companies in Ottawa know that keeping office facilities sparkling clean and in excellent repair is one of the best ways to project a professional image and attract new clients. Customers walking in the door for the first time see a well-maintained office complex as a sign that the company they’re considering doing business with is 100% committed to providing an exceptional customer experience. 

At iRestify, we deliver routine cleaning and maintenance that ensures safe working conditions, wows prospective customers and clients, and keeps business operations running smoothly. If you want to keep your commercial tenants happy and thoroughly satisfied with their experience, let us take care of your office cleaning and maintenance. 

Retail property cleaning 

If your tenants include retail properties, these high-traffic spaces require regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them ready for public use. 

Because dirt accumulates quickly in retail environments, it’s crucial to keep on top of cleaning processes to ensure a hygienic and appealing environment for staff and customers alike. 

iRestify has years of experience providing maintenance and cleaning services for retail and mixed-use properties of all kinds and sizes. With regular or deep cleaning from iRestify, we’ll ensure your store, shopping mall, or retail venue maintains the high level of cleanliness your customers expect. 

General commercial cleaning  

The companies in Ottawa that rent space from you know how crucial it is to make an excellent first impression when trying to woo new customers and clients. Your job as a property manager is to ensure that their professional spaces are kept spotless and everything is in excellent working order. 

If the ever-increasing demands of your job make this impossible to do yourself, let us do it for you. We have the experience, expertise, and comprehensive knowledge to take care of the facilities you manage with the high standards of excellence your tenants demand. 

Many cleaning and maintenance companies take on so many clients that they do a shoddy job because they’re rushing to get things done. This allows unhealthy allergens and toxic particulate matter to drift through the air, creating an unhealthy environment that can make employees and customers sick. 

The best way to avoid this unpleasant scenario is by hiring iRestify. Our dedicated professionals will keep the facilities you oversee thoroughly clean, ensuring the complete satisfaction of customers, clients, and team members. 

Specialty services  

At iRestify, we have the ability to offer specialty services uniquely tailored to your tenants’ needs. Do they need a superintendent, concierge, or day porter? If so, we can provide one for them. Do your clients require a one-time deep cleaning to prepare for a property inspection? We can take care of that too.

Our client care team can find a customized solution to whatever property management problem you or your tenants have. Since we’ll already be on-site, we can bundle our specialty services with existing services to make everything cost-effective and convenient. 

Switch out your traditional cleaning company for an all-in-one solution 

Our leading-edge, all-in-one, technology-driven solution provides you with everything you need to make your cleaning and maintenance operations more efficient and less stressful.  

We designed our proprietary software with the needs of property managers like you in mind. It includes an exceptionally easy-to-use platform and intuitive app that gives you unprecedented control over every aspect of your cleaning and maintenance operations. 

Some of our competitors saw what we were doing and tried to copy us by repurposing existing software. However, this approach will never deliver the superior results that’ll make your property management company stand out. 

Cleaning teams and analytics 

Have you ever tried tracking down your cleaning crew wherever they happened to be in Ottawa because you needed to communicate mission-critical information to them? If so, you know how exasperating that can be. At iRestify, we’ve eliminated this problem by building instant messaging functionality right into our platform and app. 

This means there won’t be any annoying time lags when you need to have an important conversation with your cleaning crew. However, instant messaging isn’t the only way we make being a property manager easier. You’ll also receive a steady stream of real-time, actionable analytics that’ll give you unparalleled oversight of your maintenance and cleaning operations. 

The data you’ll be able to access through our platform includes remote quality checks, crew check-in and check-out times, interactive checklists, image sharing, and more. 

Digital workflow through the iRestify platform  

Our cutting-edge digital solutions allow you to manage your workflow right in the app, including the ability to receive updates on cleaning and maintenance 24/7. This will enable you to jettison hopelessly antiquated paper processes when you want to make sure stuff gets done. 

So, throw out those clipboards and checklists and embrace the all-in-one 21st-century solution that helps keep your facilities cleaner and better maintained than they’ve ever been! 

Dedicated experts at your fingertips 

Before hiring a member of a cleaning crew, we ensure that each one can produce superior cleaning and maintenance results for your tenants. 

We also rigorously vet each team member, including carrying out an extensive background check. This guarantees that you not only have a consummately professional crew doing all your maintenance and cleaning but also team members on board who have the highest degree of personal integrity. 

Automate your property operations in Ottawa today   

Hiring us as the exclusive provider of cleaning and maintenance services for the buildings you manage can take a huge load off your mind. At iRestify, our mission is to remove costly inefficiencies and antiquated methods. This boosts tenant satisfaction and makes operations more profitable. 

We’re proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish for so many successful property management companies across North America and can’t wait to deliver the same exceptional results to you.  

Call us today if you’re sick and tired of using companies stuck in the technological dark ages. We’ll give your old-fashioned cleaning and maintenance processes a bold makeover, injecting new life into your property management company.