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  • Why be an iRestify Service Expert?

iRestify service experts are able to earn money while enjoying the flexibility that the platform accommodates. All of our service experts are independent contractors and work for themselves.

Service experts are able to choose their hours of work, the area they work in and are able to connect with customers via the platform. Many of our service experts have been able to enhance their business by registering with the platform and providing service excellence to iRestify's customers.  

If you do an excellent job and ensure a positive customer experience and 100% satisfaction, you will ensure that you have the opportunity to grow your business!

  • How do I become an iRestify service expert?

It’s easy! Just fill out the online application experts applicationthe more specifics you include the faster we can process your application. Once we receive your application, if the experience and services you offer meet the demand of the customers in your area, we will contact you to get started with the potential registration process!

  • Do I have to have references to be accepted?

Yes, we require 2 professional references from previous or current customers.  Customer satisfaction is our number one goal, which is why we hire only those with the best references and qualifications. We will contact your references directly.

  • What are the requirements to becoming an iRestify service expert?

All iRestify service experts go through:  

  • An online questionnaire
  • Criminal background check
  • Phone interview
  • A meeting and orientation
  • Insurance process
  • Professional reference check and review
  • Can I have a team work with me?

Yes absolutely! We welcome both teams of service experts, as well as service experts working by themselves. Each team member must meet all platform requirements outlined and must be granted access and activated on the platform.

  • How do I get paid for the completed jobs?

Payments are all processed through the iRestify platform.  Payments are made via direct deposit into the bank account provided.

  • How do I get the customers?

Our service experts are independent contractors and business people.  iRestify is the platform for our customers and service experts to connect. Based on the availability that you indicate when filling out the questionnaire online and the job requirements of the customers within the area that you have indicated you would be willing to work, the jobs will be assigned through the platform.  As with any business, jobs are based on customer demand.

  • What if I get to the job and it requires more time than the customer has booked OR if the customer asks me to add more tasks to the job than originally scheduled?

As a professional, you are aware that it’s important to meet the customer’s expectations.  In general, once a customer books a service, they are not willing to increase their cost.  In the case where you feel it is absolutely necessary that the customer add additional time to complete the requirements, please discuss it with the customer right away.

Let the customer know how much more time is needed and why. Please use the website indicators (i.e. square footage estimate as well as Add Ons, laundry, windows etc…add one hour for each task) as your measurement of time.  This will mean an increase in cost for the customer.  Please ensure that you tell the customer that the cost will increase as we always want to respect our customer’s budget.

If the customer agrees to a longer appointment and your schedule allows for this, please ask the customer to Log In to their dashboard and "add hours".  The "add hours" link will appear beside today's job. 

IMPORTANT Please do not extend your time unless this has been approved by iRestify and you have followed the process above.  iRestify will not pay for hours above and beyond what the customer has booked.

If your schedule does not allow you to stay longer, please let the customer know and email us the information as well as call us immediately and we will see if we can make arrangements for other scheduling changes to take place.

  • What if I am late for an appointment or can’t make it?

As professionals, we know that being timely and fulfilling our commitments to our customers each and every time is important. Therefore, not being able to make it or being late is never a good thing.

However if you cannot make it, you must call us immediately and we will try to schedule another service expert for the job.

If you are late for the appointment, you must call the customer and inform them immediately.  

  • Do you have other questions that we did not answer here?

We are sorry we didn’t address your question here! Please email experts@irestify.com or call us at 1.855.964.7378 ext. 1 and we will be happy to chat! If we don't answer immediately, just leave a voicemail with your name, number and the reason for your call and we will be in touch!