fbImage Post Renovation Cleaning FAQ ​​


  • What is a Post Renovation/Construction Clean?

A post renovation clean involves cleaning a space after a renovation has been completed.  A post renovation/post construction clean includes getting rid of dust  and making your home livable. Please note that sometimes customers do not book enough time for the detail required to clean after construction.  Our post renovation calculator will guide the number of hours required. Please go to the appropriate booking form on our home page to get a quote for a post renovation cleaning.

  • I have multiple listings, is it possible to manage all of these listings under one profile?

Absolutely! Simply log into your customer dashboard and under the "Manage Service Addresses" tab you are able to enter the address for every one of your listings!1-855-964-7378 ext 0

  • Do you remove construction debris from the site?

No, we do not remove construction debris from the site. We will remove regular garbage.  Also, cleaning experts carry regular vacuum cleaners.  If a Shop Vac is required, the customer will need to provide this.

  • What Does A Post Renovation Clean Include?

A post-renovation/construction clean involves the following:


  • Vacuuming of all dusted surfaces
  • Sweep storage spaces, dust and wipe big appliances
  • Clean all window panes and sills
  • Wipe all frames
  • Clean all rooms
  • Clean inside cabinets and drawers
  • Clean doors and frames
  • Remove dust from baseboards and all woodwork
  • Sweep, vacuum and/or mops all floors
  • Sanitize bathroom and all other required areas
  • Dust or wipe any furniture


Every location and space is of course different therefore we will always do the best we can to adhere to your needs.

  • I booked a service but need to add more hours the day of the service, how do I do this ?

If you would like to add more time for the job on the same day as the service is taking place, the process is simple. First, please check with the service expert to ensure that they are available. Lastly, Log In to your customer dashboard, click on "my services” and choose the drop down "My Schedule" which will highlight all of your cleaning appointments. Click the "add more hours" link and simply add more time. Success! Both you and the service expert will receive a confirmation email for the added time. The service expert will now be reserved for the additional time you selected.

  • What types of things are NOT involved during a post construction clean?

We do NOT remove the following stains:

  • Paint Stains
  • Grout Stains
  • Cement Stains
  • Silicone Stains
  • Excluded Services

**General exclusions**Please note the following services are not provided by service experts :

  • Lifting items weighing over 20lbs (including large furniture)
  • Cleaning of windows or any surfaces outside of the natural reach of the service providers
  • Curtains or any type of window coverings
  • Extermination of pests such as insects
  • Cleaning areas that are heavily soiled such as messes made by dogs, cats etc.
  • Cleaning of material considered bio hazardous waste and/or mould
  • Steam cleaning of carpets
  • Cleaning anything related to the exterior or outside of the premises